Holding Sacred Space

2021 – Honoring Water ~ Radical Healing

Holding Sacred Space


Beloved Relatives/Family/Supporters!

 We gratefully pray for, acknowledge and welcome the great anointing, healing, and awakening taking place from Great Source/ Mystery; from the galaxies of the Star Nations, the Great Milky Way, our closest Star the Sun and solar family; our Celestial relatives and beings; our beloved Earth Mother; the spirits of the four and seven directions; all Elementals;  precious Ancestors of this planet and beyond; spirits of  plants, animals, waters, air; the beloved muses and their majestic arts; our great archetypal powers; and very importantly our Souls.  We humbly invoke and align ourselves with your presences, guidance and support in our prayers, lives and actions as we enter ceremony for four years. 

 With divine Love’s guidance, we place before the universe the healing of the collective multi-generational wounds of our entire humanity; to be healed and illumined both on an individual-by-individual basis and collectively as many acts were committed in collective actions such as slavery, genocide, holocaust, war, and massacre.  Our collective wounds and transgressions are becoming unmasked and emerging out of denial.  We are NOW being thrust into our collective healing!  We consciously embrace our healing journey: “Enlightening our Way Together.”

 We anoint ourselves to carry forth with your blessings. 

 Holding Sacred Space

 A ‘transcendent container, bubble’ of eternal protection linked to pure source, deepest mystery, transcendent love, light, wisdom and power beyond the realms of manifestation and held via prayers, love, spiritual alliances/forces seen and unseen, celestial beings, ascended masters, for the highest good.


We invite all who feel inspired to join us in holding Sacred Space for the Four~Year Ceremonial Cycle of Healing.

A {Candle of the Sacred Fire} was lit on January 1, 2021 during the Opening Ceremonies of 7 Days of Rest, and Sacred Space was opened. [see video]

We have placed a sheath of Love around our beloved Earth and to further expand Sacred Space during our Closing Ceremony for the 7 Days of Rest.  [see video]

This loving prayer sheath joins with the multitude of other prayers and vibrational sheaths already surrounding our planet to bring forth healing, human evolution, and peace. [See video]


Many are already holding Sacred Space by  “hosting” this Sacred Fire to be kept burning over this 4~year period of time. 

It symbolizes the prayers, love, spiritual alliances/forces seen and unseen; powers of healing and our deep commitment and intention in this mission of healing our collective trauma, so our divinity can be remembered and shine forth.




We invite you individually, your family, friends, people of all nations, continents, villages, communities to carry/join with us in holding Sacred Space by choosing amongst a variety of actions:


  1.     Create your own altar to join in this  intention. If you already have an altar; please create a special altarpiece or area to focus this intention


  1.     Carry a sacred object with you vibrating with this intention


  1.     Commit to maintaining the {Sacred Fire Candle} in your home for a month; 3 months; 6 months; a year; whatever your heart’s/soul’s calling, or

  Commit to hosting the {Sacred Fire Candle} simultaneously with many of us for the full 4 years


  1.     Host your own ceremony to open and hold sacred space [SEC will co-facilitate this with you if you so desire]


Please be in contact with the Facilitators of SEC for announcement of your participation with us.  We will only make public those who would agree to do so.  We will, however, make public the continents and regions/states where Sacred Space is being held. 


Our hands go up to you in gratitude and respect for your willingness to step forward in this way for our Mother Earth and all her beings!





Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay