Ceremony: The Children’s Call for Liberation

The Children’s Call for Liberation

Freeing the Seeds of Wisdom in Trauma

Sacred Earth Council brings forth this ceremony for the young little children from ages 5-11 or 12 as they approach puberty.

Please be prepared for the great majesty and power of this ceremony, so needed in these times of increasing reckoning for humankind.

This is for the child in you, the children in your lineages, all our ancestry, and the children of our future.

We acknowledge the great, silent and untold suffering of children of all generations too long buried in silence and denial. We call forth the greatest healing powers of the universe, Great Source, all the masters of creation, the Four Directions, the great Elementals, eternal love and light to bring healing to this deep wounding hobbling humanity’s consciousness, twisting our civilization into depravity and blocking our divine birthright.

We repeat:

Please be prepared for the great majesty and power of this ceremony and invite beloved friends, family, and support as you attend.

Also please bring water and a candle.

Please join us and bring as many as you can to this ceremony for our great healing and thus Great Awakening!

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Looking forward to sharing this profound ceremony with you.