To ensure human evolution, there is a need to call for healing: healing of the history of humankind, healing of the wounds of the planet. This needs to be worked out in a sacred way that we call ceremony. The four elements and the spirit call for a multi-year cycle in preparation for the next stage. It is the cleansing so that evolution can happen. 

Ceremony opens and creates ‘sacred space’ in almost all cultures and religions.  Within ‘sacred space’, many feel more open, receptive, and safe. Epiphanies of insight, healing, understanding, resolution and transformation can take place during and because of ceremony. Ceremonies for opening and healing our emotional trauma; ceremonies for healing family relations; ceremonies for deepening our relationship with plants, animals, the earth; ceremonies for healing racism and othering; etc.


Sacred circles are integral to ceremony.

2020 ~  Initiating Great Ceremony of Love & Compassion, June Solstice: Inviting humanity to radical Love; infinite compassion.


Year One 2021 ~ Healing Water

Healing Waters

Year Two 2022 ~ Healing Air


Year Three 2023 ~ Healing Fire

Healing Fire


Year Four 2024 ~ Healing Earth


Year Five 2025 ~ Grand Year of Celebrational gatherings in preparation for 2026, Sirius Return