Healing Ceremony for the Children

Laying Life's Pristine Foundations, Healing Ceremony for the Children and Infants

We invite you  to join us on Saturday May 8th for our next ceremony as we continue to lay Life’s Pristine Foundation:

Healing Ceremony; 

For Infants, Little Children, ourselves and  our planetary history

When: Saturday May 8, 2020

You can watch the replay here:

This ceremony is intended to heal the source of our vulnerability that has been wounded through the earliest times of our incarnation; infancy and early childhood.  For each one of us, these wounds vary in intensity and in depth.  Many of us have spent much time healing these early wounds in our lives.  However, many have not yet become aware of these foundational wounds, nor yet moved to heal them.  We acknowledge that it is possible to heal them and be transformed by this process, not only personally, but in our lineage and ancestry.  


Message from the  Children:

“When we arrive on this planet, our bodies are soft and tender and we are open and vulnerable.  Our soul calls for tender loving hands, a nurturing family and a welcoming community to help us thrive in our new home.  The arrival to this world is the spring of our life;  we are fresh and flowering towards our future.  Each one of us is a unique flower in the Garden of Earth.”

We are very honored to invite you to this ceremony to create a field of resonance and coherence. Together in community, we are addressing this challenging work and long needed movement toward the creation of an integrous and healthy childhood, family and civilization.


To best Be prepared for this Ceremony:

  1. With the ceremony being for Children, there will be a creative part of the ceremony, to get the most of this part of the ceremony, please have paper and crayons available, preferably a large pad of paper but any size will do.
  2. Please plan to sit in the ceremony with at least one other, but four or more preferable.  You could host a gathering to participate.  
  3. We invite all participants to have an altar, but there will be a virtual Altar online.  An altar can be as small as a precious stone or token and have as many representatives of the elements, plant, animal, earth and cosmic nations as you wish.  Please a flower, preferably have a bouquet or several bouquets of flowers; your favorite flower(s) and a great variety that may call to you as you gather your bouquets.
  4. Announce and invite as many family, friends, communities, social connections, and organizations as possible to attend this ceremony.


We will be honored to have you join us in this ceremony.

Much Love,

Sacred Earth Council