Hogan inspiring the Sacred Earth Council is the Temple of The Golden Child and one of the Sacred Temples at The Path.
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Our Emerging Journey

Ejna’s Hogan Dream

Many years ago, I had this dream:

There was a small Hogan sitting out on the arid land.  The stars were brilliant in the night sky. Inside the Hogan I sat with a group of people around a small campfire in the center of the structure.  The smoke rose out of a small smoke hole in the center of the ceiling. It was quiet, profound, sweet.

We sat around the campfire all night long in ceremony and sacred teachings.  We were conferring, sharing, speaking in low voices as we talked with one another about many sacred things.  I was learning from everyone there. I was in awe of this gathering and felt very blessed to be there absorbed in the sacred.  The night continued to be very amazing.  

After many hours, the sky began to lighten, heralding the coming sunrise.  This was our cue. We all stood up together and began walking clockwise around the campfire in a slow cadence.   We began reaching up into the air above us, into the ethers with both hands and began reeling in spirit, reeling in light, reeling in the sparkling energy, reeling in sacred power and whoosh! Thrusting it downward toward the floor onto the earth and out into the room seeding spiritual force left and right, left and right.  It was crackling and sparkling with energy. We kept circling, reaching up, reeling in more light, more blessings, more grace, more spirit and Whoosh! trusting it down to earth and out into the room around us. Around and around we went in this joyful way. It was very easy, so natural, so wonderful to do this; bring forth spirit and thrust it forth into the world.

The sky was getting lighter as we could see out the window facing east.  We could see the people gathering and walking outside toward the east to greet the Sun and a new day.  We stopped our ceremony then to go outside to join them. We were all walking toward the rising sun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For many years, I wondered about this dream and its meaning.  I was especially curious about why a Lakota/Dakota woman would be dreaming about a Hogan of the southwest in such a profound way.  And more importantly, I wondered about the sacred knowledge and the ability to actually pull spiritual force out of the ethers and spread it so freely our world.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This spring, I arrived at the Hogan on Flordemayo’s land in rural New Mexico on Wednesday evening, March 15, 2017 with the intention to write the draft of a great visionary plan that has been entrusted to me.   I had been struggling to accept this vision, this mission over the last few months. I was in strong suspicion that this Hogan was the one from my dream so many years ago, but it did not quite fit…..as yet.

There in the Hogan over the next 7 days amidst prayer, quiet, and inspiration; I wrote the draft for the “Sacred Earth Council of Visionary Women.” I emailed it out to the world from there on March 22-23, 2017. 

Then, on Saturday morning, March 25, 2017, as I was about to close and lock the gate to leave the land and the Hogan; and Whoosh! the full import and meaning of the dream flooded into my heart, mind, and soul!  Yes! This is the Hogan of my dreams from many years ago! I was shown the meaning of the Sacred Hogan Dream. 

The gathering I saw around the fire is the gathering of The Sacred Earth Council!  The fire around which we were sitting is the Altar of the Golden Child, which is actually the altar in Flordemayo’s Hogan,  The Golden Child represents the Divine Universal Human Being.

It is now time for the gathering I saw in my dream so many years ago.  It is time for the Council of Visionary Women that I have been inspired/called to help create.  It is time for feminine leadership to take hold in the sacred way we are all meant to live.The Sacred Earth Council is being called to gather in ceremony at the Hogan to begin our work for the world.  

The Sacred Universal Human Being has been born and we are here to help nurture it.  Yes, humanity has always been sacred; we have just not been so aware, until now.


Plum Village

Ejna was invited to make a presentation in Plum Village, the monastery of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, for their first earth week retreat, on November 6th, 2019. This is the first public call for the formation of “The Sacred Earth Council based on the Hogan Dream by Ejna in 1987-88.  Little could we realize what this presentation and this dream would unleash!  

The next day, Nov 7th, Ejna, Thomas and Emelina met. Emelina recognized Ejna from a dream she had when she was around 10 years old, in which she was introduced to the Council.   


Emelina’s Dream

During the late eighties there was an esoteric Jewish Nicaraguan woman that lived in my house in Costa Rica.

One day she told me that it was the time to present me at the council and she said that I would have a dream about it in the coming days. A couple of days later I had a lucid dream about me entering a room that had a lot of light. There were four people to receive me and all of them were dressed in white.

One was a female Mongolian shaman, who was holding a large drum. The second was a black man with a beard and white stripes on his face. He looked like a member of the Dogon people from Mali. The other one was a native American woman with a blue hummingbird as a tattoo on her face (Ejna) and the last one was a man from southeast Asia. I felt welcome and there was a feeling of responsibility towards the planet and humankind.

Never did Emelina think she would see anyone in flesh from her dream so long ago.  Needless to say, when Ejna, Emelina and Thomas met, they were very stunned, completely amazed, but also cognizant that the formation of “The Sacred Earth Council” had received an amazing affirmation along with a very powerful blessing for its formation and work.


The Council Begins to Emerge

Since this first encounter, a growing number of spiritual activists and earth healers have come together to initiate this journey. 



Hogan inspiring the Sacred Earth Council is the Temple of The Golden Child and one of the Sacred Temples at The Path.

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