The Sacred Earth Council

The Sacred Earth Council is emerging through dreams, visions, and synchronicities as a self-organized circle of diverse participants who share a commitment of service to humankind, Mother Earth, and all beings that inhabit her and grounded in a sense of the sacredness of all things. The council welcomes participation by individuals from all spiritual traditions and is open to all who feel a call to participate.

Our purpose is to support planetary evolution, based on the recognition of our spiritual nature and the sacredness of all things. For the Earth community’s evolution to be possible, the first step is healing, which is our main focus at the moment: healing of the history of humankind, healing of the wounds of the planet. 

This healing needs to be partially worked out in sacred spaces that we call ceremony. Ceremony opens and creates ‘sacred space’ in almost all cultures and religions.  Within ‘sacred space’, many feel more open, receptive, and safe. Epiphanies of insight, healing, understanding, resolution and transformation can take place during and because of ceremony.

2021 Honoring Water and Radical Healing 4 Years of Ceremony




“Lone Oak Tree, Sunrise” Image by mbll from Pixabay