The Sacred Earth Council is emerging through dreams, visions, and synchronicities as a self-organized circle of diverse participants who share a commitment of service to humankind, Mother Earth, and all beings that inhabit her and grounded in a sense of the sacredness of all things.

The council welcomes participation by individuals from all spiritual traditions and is open to all who feel a call to participate.

To ensure human evolution, there is a need to call for healing: healing of the history of humankind, healing of the wounds of the planet.

This needs to be worked out in a sacred way, one of which is ceremony.

This is the first of many ceremonies from 2020-2024 and beyond.

The Sacred Earth Council holds the ceremony on Summer Solstice 2020 as the beginning of a multi-year action, focused on healing the Earth community from multi-generational wounds.

We unite to allow radical love, compassion, and the sacredness of life, to activate healing in a myriad of synchronicities, epiphanies, inspirations, and miracles as we forge our way together in this time of great transformation.









“Lone Oak Tree, Sunrise” Image by mbll from Pixabay