Sacred Earth Council

Healing the Sacred Womb

Sacred Earth Council is inviting you to join us for the first ceremony for our Four Year Ceremony Cycle for Planetary Healing:

Healing the Sacred Incarnation – Re-birth and Emergence Ceremony

Beloved Relatives
With divine Love’s guidance, we bring before the universe the healing of the collective multi-generational wounds of our planet; to be healed and illumined both on an individual-by-individual basis and collectively. Many acts were committed in collective actions such as slavery, genocide, ecocide, holocaust, war, and massacre. Both our wounds and our transgressions are becoming unmasked and emerging out of denial. We are being thrust into a great need for our collective healing right now!
We are embarking on a courageous, powerful, and long overdue path to acknowledge our incredible resiliency for thousands of years!
Our entry into “incarnation,’ (also known as birth) holds our first most beautiful and sanctified moments on earth AND it also holds the most heinous and denied abominations which we have perpetrated upon ourselves, and Earth.
This is Sacred Earth Council’s first ceremony for our Four Year Ceremony Cycle for Planetary Healing. In the first year, Water Element and Childhood Stage. In expanding our awareness, our expanding love, and our expanding compassion we are offering great global ceremonies as we heal ourselves, the heart of humanity and all beings of our planet .
You Can Listen to the audio here


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