Sacred Earth Council

2020 Great Global Ceremony of Love & Compassion

Sacred Earth Council

Great Global Ceremony of Love & Compassion
Solstice June 20-21, 2020

Calling humanity to Radical Love; infinite Compassion

Let us all enter a sacred multi-year journey together.  Let us join our hands and our hearts as we forge a new and as yet unknown path together.  Let us join in this treasured opportunity and gather to listen deeply, treasure life, our Earth and one another more and more.

On the Solstice, June 20-21, 2020, we invite all peoples, all nations, all cities, towns, communities, families, and individuals to hold ceremonies wherever you are!

The Sacred Earth Council supports the coming together of all involved in planetary healing and as part of this healing we are initiating a multi-year ceremonial cycle for healing the Earth community multi-generational wounds. This is the first ceremony in this healing journey.

Together let us form a great tidal wave of love and compassion enveloping our entire planet; blanketing, embracing and cherishing Mother Earth and all Beings, humanity, all creatures and plants great and small, whales to microbes, Redwoods to algae; winds and waters; rocks, minerals, mountains, plains, and deserts. Let us surround our beloved mother Earth in Love!

Let’s create ceremonies; small ones; big ones; simple ones; fancy ones; quiet ones; loud ones; dancing ones; silent ones; whatever comes to heart in the inspiration of our love to intertwine in a Great Global Ceremony of Love and Compassion. We invite all other ceremonies each in their own way to also join in as we surround our planet in Love. Countless ceremonies covering each continent, island, outpost, desert, mountaintop, ocean and sea!


Sacred Earth Council is holding an opening Ceremony at 9:44pm UTC, Saturday, June 20 on our Facebook page with the Great Bell Chant, End of Suffering by Thich Nhat Hanh and close ceremony 24 hours later at 9:44pm UTC, also on our Facebook page.

This will create a 24-hour container for ceremonies around the world. 

For those of you who already have ceremony plans, we honor that and thank you. We invite you to add this prayer/meditation to your ceremony where most appropriate.

We will also be joining with partners at the time they have set for solstice  ceremonies. We invite you to join us as partners via our Facebook page or contact us as  

Where: Where you are guided by spirit to gather.


Download Full Ceremony Guide here:

Download Ceremony only here: 


Guidance for those creating a new ceremony 

  1. Setting intention:  The commitment is made within yourself to participate.  This is intimate, sacred, meaningful, and inspirational. Pray, request, ask for guidance from your inner resources.
  2. Gathering support & community:  If you will be doing this alone, then deepen the activation that is already in play.  Gather all others you would like to share in planning.
  3. Logistics: You can do this in your home; yard; in a favorite place in nature; a church; community center; etc.  Plan to prepare the  space whenever it is you choose.  Arrive ahead to clean the area and honor the location wherever it is, even if it is in a closet. You may choose to ‘clear’ the area with smudge, song, ringing chimes or a bell, brushing the area with a feather(s), tree branch, sprinkling water, or simply by bringing your presence and prayer to the space.  You may feel inspired to do this in your own way.  Honor your inspiration whatever that might be.  
  4. Altar:  The altar is the physical anchor point outside of your own being to honor the sacred, mystery, the deep.  What is placed there is deeply intimate and represents the profound which cannot be put into words.  It could be left totally empty. We would recommend several things: a piece to represent each of the four elements, air, earth, fire and water.   Beyond that, we leave its creation up to you and spirit. Other suggestions might be pieces for ancestors, the feminine, the masculine, the Moon, certain planets, archetypes, and of course your own precious and sacred objects. 
  5. Creating your ritual:
    • Entry.  Decide how you want to enter the sanctuary or premises of your site.   You can just let people enter and sit or you may want to have people gather and pass through an entry point or portal.  You may choose to smudge [choice listed above] people at any of several choices: at they arrive, as they pass the entry portal; after they have been seated or not at all.  Invite everyone to be seated if not already done and announce commencement. 
    • Welcome and greet everyone.
    • Opening prayer or grounding and centering practice.   Some practices just ring a bell or chime followed by silence.  Many ceremonies have opening words or a prayer. Many traditions invite the presence and guidance of a great universal principle; the 4 directions; sacred or honored ancestors; angels or angelic beings; spirits and/or guides; animal and/or plant spirits. The invitation can be however your inspiration guides this process. The prayers of invitation or use of silence is totally up to those leading the ceremony.

Ceremony of Love and Compassion 2020


Read this to begin: 

Together let us form a great tidal wave of love and compassion enveloping our entire planet; blanketing, embracing and cherishing Mother Earth and all Beings, humanity, all creatures and plants great and small, whales to microbes, Redwoods to algae; winds and waters; rocks, minerals, mountains, plains, and deserts. Let us surround our beloved mother Earth in Love!

Meditation for The Ceremony of Love and Compassion:

Close your eyes.  

Take several deep, deep breaths of precious air as you relax into the flow of your natural breathing.  

Breath and relax.  

Let your mind go to a favorite place or event that you will always treasure, a vacation spot, a mountain, a beach, a relatives house, a city, being held by a friend, sweetheart, a great night’s sleep.  Treasure a favorite time. 

Let yourself deepen into cherishing, treasuring and how this feels. 

Relax and enjoy cherishing itself.  

Relax into treasuring.

Now let yourself embrace and cherish the air as you breathe.  

Breathing in and out treasuring the air coming in and out of your body and lungs.  

Cherished air. Beloved air. Air filled with Love. You are breathing in and out Love. 

Your breath of Love is going in and out, in and out.  

Breathing LOVE! 

Each breath fills and expands more and more. 

Your breath of love surrounds you in love!  

You are surrounded in Love. 

Your breath of Love is going out and becoming larger and larger with  each breath you take.  

You are a breathing fountain of love!  

Your breath of love is becoming one with the Great Breath of Love WE ARE ALL TAKING TOGETHER TODAY!  

Our breath of Love expands and expands.  

Let our breath of love surround the entire earth, singly and together:  

Great Mother Earth we surround YOU with our LOVE!

Great Mother Earth we embrace you in our Love!

Great Mother Earth we thank you in our Love!

Great Mother Earth please receive our Love!

Let yourself hold Mother Earth in your Love!  

Dearest Mother Earth, do you have a message, something you want to share, guidance, a gift, you would like to share with me? 

Together, THIS DAY! We enter and create a sacred space together!  Thousands, likely millions all over our beloved Earth! We have discovered that we can come together and literally envelop our sacred planet in love.  

Gradually allow your breathing to come back to the room or place where you are.  

Slowly allow your breathing to come back to your body.  

Slowly allow your breathing to come back to your lungs.  

And when you are ready, you may open your eyes in love.


Post Mediation Options:

Share experience during meditation / what came up, what else might need to be presented or supported. 

Self Expression, inspirations, gratitude

Discussion / Questions


When complete: Closing prayer or ringing bell (closes the container and the ceremony) 

Other Options:

Sharing a Meal,  Break Bread (eating generally outside the container, unless specific purpose for the sacred meal) 

Plan: you want further interaction or follow up

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